Five edits which are a must-have for uploading a picture online

Five edits which are a must-have for uploading a picture online

When it comes to social media, there are a lot of things that can grab your attention, be it the Instagram Reels or the trending TikTok videos; every social media influencer has a fair share of the idea of how to make his or her profile or image look as engaging as possible to the ever-growing audience, whether it is their posts, their stories, videos or anything in particular, as psychologically one does get a fair idea about a human’s personality or life in general by just looking at his or her profile. Their social media posts can tell a lot about their way of thinking, likes, dislikes, what they think about life; the list is endless. And in order to look good, quality definitely matters, and to get that quality, one must make sure that the page is filled with well-edited photos that make your page look not only beautiful but also aesthetic. So here are five edits that I feel are a must-have for every social media fanatic when they are thinking of uploading a picture online.


An essential feature when it comes to photo editing is none other than cropping because it does help your picture gain attention rather than the background, which can be kind of unnecessary to the viewer. I think this is where cropping has a very important role to play. It does give the picture all the glory attention that it needs by removing the unwanted noise and extra background or images which are not needed at all in the picture. And by cropping, you are, in turn feeding the viewer with a crystal clear, the bright picture inside their head.


Just like a deck of cards is considered empty, if there isn’t a joker or a king in it, similarly, a photo is incomplete if you haven’t added any filters to it. Filters do have the capability of changing the entire tone of the image according to the user’s requirements, and it does include a lot of special effects like the ones we see on Snapchat and Instagram, making it even more interesting and fun for the user to use and apply according to his or her needs. One should also know how to edit RAW images. There are millions of filters available on the internet for one to use in their pictures, and by using them, you are in turn giving an artistic touch to your particular photo and making it look appealing.

3.Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and Contrast can be termed as the heart of editing, as without this feature, it would be nearly impossible for almost everyone to edit their photos or pictures in the most elegant and poised manner ever. This feature does enable us to give our picture more clarity in terms of its shade, beauty, and light, making it even more presentable and dapper in front of the audience. The basic functionality behind this feature is that it has the ability to make brighter areas look brighter and darker areas look darker depending on the kind of photo or portrait you are editing and also according to the preferences of the editor.

4.Focus and Blur

This particular feature is intentionally used when you want only certain aspects of the picture to be shown or visible to the audience and the rest invisible in such a manner that a person looking at it will not be able to identify the difference and will only look at the points on focus. For this particular reason, the focus is used, and blur is used to particularly blur out the rest that you don’t want to show to the audience; in this way, the only visible part remains in focus, and the rest are blurred out. This feature can be extremely useful if you want only your particular face or image to be the center of attention when the viewer looks at the picture.


Resizing, just like the name suggests, involves resizing the image according to the appropriate width and height mentioned or to be used. Resizing is also famously known as aspect ratio. It is widely used not only in photo editing but also in filmmaking and other larger-than-life applications, making it far easier for us humans to edit and upload pictures according to our creative sense and fashion. However, one must not get confused with resizing and cropping because both are different in their way, resizing can be defined as changing the size of a particular picture without actually cutting it, and cropping is nothing but what I have mentioned as the first point above. With this feature, one can adjust the ratio according to their feasibility and turn a picture into the most professional and authentic image by just adjusting the required width and height of the pictures.

Rebecca Rogers

Rebecca Rogers