Why Should MSPs Outsource Their Help Desk?

Why Should MSPs Outsource Their Help Desk?

Why Should MSPs Outsource Their Help Desk?

In the growing industry of managed service providers, providing efficient IT support to customers and catering to their requests 24 hours a day is the key differentiator leading to success. While most MSPs often contemplate the decision of hiring an in-house team and setting up the necessary IT infrastructure or outsourcing routine support tasks, there are situations when their in-house team is focused on driving more critical responsibilities that they often end up overlooking these routine support operations. This oversight can lead to routine support operations going haywire, impacting service quality and client relationships.

Another scenario is that focusing on having the best in-house help desk might push your business growth or expansion since the majority of valuable resources, including both human and finances, are invested there alongside time. That is where IT help desk outsourcing comes into the picture as a pivotal solution.

Outsourcing your MSP help desk is a strategic move that not only enhances operational efficiency but also saves costs and frees up resources. There are more benefits to outsourcing, and in this article, we have articulated the best advantages of outsourcing your help desk.

Quick Response Time

The outsourced IT help desk you hired for your MSP will almost immediately respond to the ticket requests, allowing customers to have a chat about their issue with a person instead of a phone menu or chatbots.

Around-the-Clock Support

If your MSP has a remote or partially remote team relying on technology, you should have strong, 24/7 technical support. However, that involves hiring employees, setting up IT infrastructure, training teams, and more. Moreover, there are chances the in-house help desk team fails to cater to tickets because of technical issues or any other problem.

Therefore, MSPS should outsource their help desk needs, allowing them to leverage the resources and expertise of experts without worrying about managing them. By outsourcing the help desk, you can rest assured that even if anything goes wrong between software and hardware, it will not impact your operations.

Reduce Costs

Outsourcing your help desk needs eliminates the need to train a team, purchase equipment, build relevant infrastructure, lease a space, and retain or manage employees. This significantly reduces the cost since outsourced IT help desk services will charge only for their resources, ultimately improving your MSP’s operational cost.

Moreover, the decrease in operational cost is not the only way to calculate ROI since it also includes non-financial benefits in the form of productivity, scalability, and freeing up resources and time for crucial business activities.

Proactive IT Management

Apart from providing 24/7 technical assistance to address issues, outsourced IT help desks have all the resources and time required to monitor your MSP’s IT infrastructure for cybersecurity risks. The monitoring allows MSPs to identify the root cause of attacks like phishing attacks. Moreover, it helps prevent downtime, service interruptions, and outages by monitoring the network for risks and threats concerning ransomware and malware.

Diverse Experience

Experts at third-party companies offering IT help desks have great experience and knowledge when it comes to solving system errors of different kinds. It is also because they might be offering help desks for various industries and, if not industries, several MSPs for sure. The diverse experience will help them implement best practices to cater to the tickets effectively.


MSPs, it is time to outsource your help desks to third-party experts who are available around the clock to provide services to your customers.

Apart from increasing your operational efficiency by catering to tickets, they can also offer a variety of services like monitoring cybersecurity threats, leveraging data to make smart decisions, overseeing the asset management process, and even acting as the first point of contact to quickly attend to your customers. However, this also depends on the type of contract you sign with them.

So, why not focus on expanding your business and outsource all your help desk woes to NOC service providers.

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I am Alex Joseph, working at Infrassist Technologies. I am an enthusiastic NOC expert with more than 10 years of experience in providing NOC services to MSP.

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