How does packaging help a brand?

How does packaging help a brand?

How does packaging help a brand?

The need for packaging might have been rooted in the need to protect the product from damage while shipping and storage. But now it is not just a means to pack and protect your product but it has an untapped potential to make sales and help in building brand awareness. 

When we talk about building a brand image. We might think that having huge billboards, having famous actors or actresses advertising, or influencers with millions of followers use your product but wait, there is a high chance that you are not looking at the most effective and down-to-earth approach for building relations and trust with your audience. We are talking about product packaging. These days, impressive packaging that tells people about your brand is extremely important.

In this article, we will talk about how packaging helps a brand. We discuss the basics like product packaging. Gradually we will progress to the advantages of having custom packaging and how to achieve it along with a manufacturer that you can look forward to who will deliver you high-quality products.

What is product packaging?

The process of product packaging includes designing, evaluating, and producing your packages which are exclusively for your products. We are talking about everything like the raw material from which you will manufacture it, the design, the witty sentence inside your packages, the pretty printing, and the assembly. Everything together contributes to the efficiency of the packaging. For example – Custom printed Tape or custom corrugated boxes are a great means to give a personalized experience to the customers.

Importance of packaging for a brand

These days many brands are conducting their business online different from the traditional model of business, where we were able to see a bond with our customers face to face. Hence, the need to build trust among your customer and buyers is more. There is a huge gap in trust and relationship between the brand and the customer. So how can we solve this problem of trust building and awareness? One of the ways to do this is to have unique product packaging. This could bridge the gap between the brand and the potential customers.

For example, if you have a premium cosmetic company that is committed to getting high-quality ingredients that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. So, how can you tell all this to your customer who is looking for a brand with high-quality ingredients which don’t harm the environment or the animals? Without the help of advertisements or salespeople, how will we communicate with our customers? The answer is through the help of Product packaging. 

Here, product packaging is the key to communicating and building relationships with your customer. Your packaging will reflect the values that your brand follows and is built on. If your company believes in creating eco-friendly products then it will show through your packages. This could work in favor or against a brand. For example, if your packaging is of poor quality then the product will come across as cheap and low quality but if the packaging is of good quality then the customer will perceive the product as a high quality one.

Advantages of Packaging for a Brand

The packaging is important as it helps with the protection of the product during transport. The product packaging gives numerous benefits to the brand as well. We will state some of them down below:

  • Stand out from others – Everyone yells for customers’ attention in this modern area. How will you stand out in the millions of competitors? Unique packaging will give you an edge advantage in building customer relationships. We humans are virtual creatures, we remember the things that we see for a more extended period of time. Having innovative packaging might be the key to winning your customer’s attention.
  • Advertise in your absence – It is not possible to be available 24×7 for a salesperson to be present or for advertisements to run all the time, especially for small businesses. At such points, your product packaging could be a lifesaver. It will become a messenger of our brand values and customers’ beliefs. 
  • Special customer experience – We all know the excitement of opening a new package. It is unwrapping a gift but an adult edition. The feel of something new that is for us only is unexplainable in social media platforms like youtube or Instagram. We can see the overwhelming amount of unboxing videos with millions of views. All these things can create a special bond between the brand and your customer.

How to achieve a custom packaging experience?

After reading all that we know how important it is to have an experience that will be memorable for the customer. But how can we give our customers that kind of experience? It can be achieved with the help of customized packaging. We can use the customized packaging in this way:

  • Custom printed tape with logo – If you think customized packaging is expensive and always has to be high-end or you are just starting your business and don’t have enough resources to get aesthetic packaging. We can go to the basics. That is the reason for the packaging was to protect. The most basic packaging is tape. Custom-printed tape with a logo is the best choice for an affordable way to create brand awareness.
  • Corrugated boxes – Having a box that contains your products from harm is the oldest way to protect your product from damage. Customized corrugated boxes are the best way to build brand awareness and trust between customers.
  • Handwritten notes – Though it might sound laborious to write a personal note for each order it can be the best tactic for small businesses that can not spare millions of dollars into the packaging. The key to connecting with customers is to build trust. Trust is built when we as a brand express our gratitude to our customers and show them that we really value them. Personal handwritten notes are the best way to show our gratitude for our brand towards our costumes.


After reading all this you might want to give customised product packaging a try. We have talked about product packaging, its importance for the brand as well as its advantages. From what we have read in the article there is one thing that is confirmed in order to stay in the market, we need to upgrade and update our marketing game. One of the easiest ways to do so is to value the packaging of your brand. If you look into the history of packing this could have a huge impact on your business.

Hope we were able to provide you with the information that you needed. 

Thank you, for reading till the end.

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