Is Coding Good For Kids?

Is Coding Good For Kids?

Is coding good for kids ? This is the question that every parent has started asking to teachers and technical people. In this article we will find out the answer.

Coding is a process where a set of instructions are translated into a language understandable by the computer. With coding, you can direct a computer to make it behave the way you want it to. Thus, it is a fantastic phenomenon in itself. Once learnt, your kid can master the art to tell the computer the path it should follow.
If the coding skill is taught to kids, it not only boosts their mathematics and writing skills but will also help them groom their personality and be prepared professionally for their future endeavours. Every child must learn to code to perceive academic success.

In this article, we will give you reasons why teaching coding is suitable for kids. But, as there are two sides to every coin, it does have some downsides too. We will look at both of these aspects furthermore. Keep reading and know coding better!

Coding Can Help Kids Tackle Problems

Kids learn to break down a challenging problem into several manageable parts with coding and solve them one by one. This technique of problem-solving can be beneficial in several other fields as well. By segregating an issue, kids will come to know where a problem exists to resolve it. In coding, it is imperative to find out the bugs done through hypothesis and code tweaking for testing.
Teaching coding to kids at an early age not only makes them future-ready for jobs, but it also helps them strengthen their mathematical, reading, spelling, and problem-solving skills. This, in turn, will help them boost their geometry, statistics, data analyzing, physics, and many more skills in other subjects.

Coding Is The New Age Phenomenon

This age has turned out to be digitally inclined, and everyone is exposed to digital gadgets in some or the other way. So do the kids. Hence it becomes mandatory to make them aware of computer knowledge to keep up with the modern world. The world has made a significant shift with the invention of computers, smartphones and social media apps and websites. Coding helps to understand how this digital invention works at the backend. Thus, learning to code enhances technical skills in kids and makes them aware of the technology.

Coding Boosts Computational Skills of the Kids

Learning writing codes help in developing the cognitive skills of kids and also makes them understand the motif through which a computer thinks. They learn to recognize the pattern to present a problem in varied forms and to break it logically and creating the steps to solve them. In addition to this, computational skills also help kids solve problems practically in other situations. They can deal with any situation in their life better without getting panicked about it.

Coding Invokes Creativity in Kids

It is a fact that Kids have more creative minds than adults. Their creativity makes them think outside the box. Using their inbound creativity, they can come out with solutions to the trickiest problems. With a creative approach, they can sometimes come out with something we would never think of. Who knows where their creativity takes them one day! Also, every job favours candidates with technical ability but with a knack for creativity too.

Coding Makes The Kids Future Ready

As the world is favouring technology and turning out to be digital altogether, there will be lots of demand for coding skills in the future. It is also estimated that coders will be paid well in the coming future due to rising demand. Coding will generate many jobs that may not require computers but will require coding in some other forms. Learning how to code makes children also learn other essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, and teamwork, which is a basic necessity for any job.

Coding Opens Career Opportunities

The global economy demands the aspirants to have a comprehensive skill set including technology. Companies all over the globe have adopted implementing technology in every project. Thus specializing in coding get you a lot of money with loads of future career opportunities with better clients. The future seems too bright for those who know to code. So get your kids equipped with this set of knowledge and don’t let them stay behind in the global race.

Coding Can Help Kids Learn Perseverance.

Coding teaches kids to learn how to handle problems and anticipate any errors in a program in advance
. Coding correctly can help save an entire program from crashing. They will also learn to study what’s working and what’s not and again come out with methods to ensure what will work the best. Learning to code cannot be done in a day. It has multiple concepts to understand and various ways to program a code. Thus, learning it requires so much patience.

Downsides of Learning Coding

It can sound a bit astonishing, but coding can be harmful too for the kids. Although learning coding can boost up problem-solving skills in kids but it may distract them from their current curricular studies. Kids can be glued to the screens for several hours if not monitored with time. This may cause them to lose their focus in their studies. Learning builds up the technical skills of a child but as an individual, it is also necessary to groom up thoroughly. A person is expected to be good with his communication and interpersonal skills, which is learnt apart from coding. Being just a master of coding will take your child nowhere.


In this world, with everything turning towards digitization, learning coding has become very important, especially for the young generation. “Learning to write programs not only helps you think better but also stretches your mind.” Bill Gates says. There are many benefits we have put up in this article for coding. It is on us to mould the kids to take most of the advantages of it. If done prudently, it will turn out to be the best decision for your child.
But please do remember that your kid gets only one childhood and coding is not everything, we did not learn to code when we were a kid and still we are successful in our life. So coding is not everything and do not pressurize to a kid if the kid is not interested in learning it.

Online Tools To Learn Coding

It is an open learning platform for kids from grade 1 to 8. This is maintained by programmers community around the world. We recommend this for Start online learning

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