Mobile Phone Addiction

Mobile Phone Addiction

Addiction, Mobile phone addiction, we all are hearing this word in our day to day routine life – And surprisingly we all know that having an addiction is always a bad thing. So in this regard mobile addiction is bad. Maybe we don’t want to leave this addiction, because we are really passionate about it and willing to use our mobile phone as long as possible.

But the main question is why do we have this addiction in the first place?

Well, In recent years, telecom companies has been very kind to customers. Specially after Reliance Jio introduced unlimited free data and calls. Which we all know and have realized that it had an adverse effect in the longer-term. But point is that we all now very much addicted to their services. And in case if they stop them I would assume that maybe some of us would get confused and we would be like “don’t know what to do ”  kind of mood.

This addiction includes many apps, to name a few, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok Games, Email, Online Shopping App,Netfilx,etc.. And these mobile apps addiction have not only have spoiled our mental health but also our precious time which we used to spend with our family and friends. Also, we all have to understand that blaming these apps makes no sense.

As when any company makes the apps, their intentions would be to make our life simpler and not this complicated. I mean if we take the example of any social media app like  WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter then it was built on a concept of making this world small in terms of communication and keeping our dear one in touch and to let people connect with each other irrespective of their geographical location. 

While what we do, we post a whole lot of crap which includes Political posts, Religious Posts, Racial posts, or fake posts which is never going to make any sense for anyone. And then we strongly believe that we did a good job by posting first on social media or in the WhatsApp group. Hardly anyone would ever be going to verify that what they post is correct or just fake news.

The main issue is that we have attention span of a small rodent. I mean if there is more than 5-second silence in a cinema hall,everyone starts checking their mobile phone and most of them end up checking forwarded messages, or fake news or small JPG/GIF of Good Night. 

So 95% of the messages we receive on our mobile phones, are either not important, or not going to make any difference whatsoever.  And remember not using technology is not a wise decision either.

Known Facts
71% of people either sleep with or next to their cell phones.
44% of 18 to 24 years have fallen asleep keeping their phone in their hand
36% of people check their phones constantly, while 54% of young are checking constantly
Nearly 40% of people believe that the can not disconnect from cell phones, even while on vacation

But then what’s the solution ??

1) Decide the priority –  If your priority is just to check mobile phones then Good Luck, If not then please do prioritize. So please decide whether spending time with your kids, wife or friends is more important or spending time on checking your mobile phones is more important. We should be able to control what we are doing, some electronic device should not and must not control our life.

Please, we humans made this device to make our life easy. Our emotions are meant to be expressed in real life and not by Twitter or Facebook. Our kid’s smile is more important than smiley emoji in WhatsApp.

2) Mute all the notification:  Yes, this seems harsh, but anyone who has important or urgent messages will always going to call you. They are not going to wait for your reply on WhatsApp or on Facebook. So better to mute the notification of Apps .Keeping your internet off during night time is something we all should do. Also purely from health perspective, excessive usage of mobile phone should be avoided otherwise it can cause and issue for eyes,our mental health,and our overall lifestyle,etc..

3) Choose your time:  Choose your time wisely, so decide when you are going to check your mobile phone, Like in the morning between 9 AM to 10 AM – Sometimes at Noon and then at Night. This way you would have ample time to check your mobile phone and also to spend time with your family, and friends and outside world.

4) Play/Watch Sports & have a hobby:Yes this is something we all need to do – Having an alternate hobby other than your regular work always helps to relax and maintaining also requires to spend time and other resources. Same goes for playing sports when you play or watch it really helps to improve physical and mental health.

Remember there are people around us and communicating with vital for us, Like meeting our friends at a particular place is a good option rather than meeting /chatting via the Internet . Hence spending our quality time behind only on the mobile phone is not justified.

Having a Mobile phone is not bad at all. But using a mobile phone when you are having dinner with your family or when we meet our friends or when someone is talking is the worst thing to do. Our kids understand and follow what we do instead of what we tell them. So teaching them this bad habit is going to haunt us back – as things that go round…will come round

The purpose of this article is just to make sure we all understand that time is precious and so are the people around us. We all have family and friends and the outside world which is equally important. So we all need to remember what we used to do before mobile came to our hand. Does anyone remember when was the last time they met friends and spent quality time ?.

Even if we get together we still keep the mobile phone in our hands. And try to pretend that we are doing some important work or we are not interested anymore. 

Next time when you pick up your phone remember that Smirnoff ad which says “Life is calling…Where are you..”

Dhaval Thakkar

Dhaval Thakkar

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