Why LiquidWeb + Nexcess Are Best For Your WordPress Hosting?

Why  LiquidWeb + Nexcess Are Best For Your WordPress Hosting?

So according to the recent trends by built with, 30% of people are using WordPress for their online store – these numbers are not surprises but rather a reflection of how WordPress as a community has evolved and how people find WordPress easy to use.

That being said, it has become very difficult to host the WordPress Store, As there are too many choices. Mainly while choosing the hosting one should consider the following points.

  1. Support Of Hosting: This is the most important factor while choosing the right hosting if you error on this then most often than not you will be disappointed. Reason being most online store work has their word outsourced, and development happens during offshore hours. And the actual business hours are different. And most of the issues/bugs happens during business hours and every store owner need one partner who stays with them during their business hours. And when it comes to helping the customers who else is better than LiquidWeb + Nexcessthey are the most helpful humans on the earth. They not only help with server management but also went a step ahead and also help sometimes with development needs. Being a Linux Admin My Self I always prefer LiquidWeb + Nexcess as my hosting partner. Be it security, PCI Compliance or Adding an SSL, Creating an FTP user. Apart from providing the best hardware, their support makes them a very very likely choice for all your hosting needs.
  2. Security: Security has been a major concern in the last decade, Security comes on top of everything when you choose the right server/hosting company. Not many hosting companies provide the support for security compare to what LiquidWeb + Nexcess provides. They provide 100% support for PCI Scan and make sure that all the servers are patched in a timely manner. So when you and your customer knows that your store is secure it gives you and your customer confidence about your online operations. LiquidWeb + Nexcess also help to run the Malware scan which scans your online store and make sure your online has no known vulnerability. Specially for WordPress which is a soft target for all the hackers around the world. Their Magento Plans for Magento 1 with Harbor technology is the prime example of how they consider security as their priority.
  3. Technology: Experts at LiquidWeb + Nexcess make sure that all the latest technology are being used and their customers get an advantage using that technology. Be it Cloud, Backups, or auto-scaling – LiquidWeb + Nexcess has covered it all. So you don’t have to buy different services for your different needs. Using the latest technology means you are always ahead of your competitors and you can be sure that you are utilizing all the benefits of what technology provides.
  4. Cost-Effective & ROI: This is also an important factor – and you should consider the services your hosting provider provides Vs How much you are spending on hosting. LiquidWeb + Nexcess has created various plans starting from a small retailer to enterprises – LiquidWeb + Nexcess has a solution for all scale and that makes them unique because the quality of hardware, support will more or less remain the same. Most on

Keeping the above points you should choose You’re WordPress Hosting Wisely. Below are some important links for your hosting needs.

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