Why It Is So Cool To Hate India?

Why It Is So Cool To Hate India?

Nowadays we all are seeing a lot of people are speaking against India and India’s Culture. These trends did not start recently but now we are seeing people within the country and media (Social, Electronic, and TV) has become more powerful than ever. Every individual now has the power of social media to spread the news and their thoughts and anyone can become an influencer or popular overnight. But is it just India that they hate or is it something else? Below are some points that I think are the main reasons for this new trend.

  1. Modi Factor: This is one of the main factors, actually some of these people who are saying that democracy is in danger, fascist government, the judiciary is in danger, etc.. are actually not the hater of India but they actually hate Modi or hence whatever Modi does they simply want to oppose it. And In a process, they started hating India, Why they hate Modi no one knows, But if what they are saying is true then I guess they are living in a different India. They need to open their eyes and see the actual ground reality.

    Every leader has his/her own vision to develop the country, Manmohan Singh has his own vision, Atalji has his own vision, and same way Modiji also has his vision to take India forward and he is elected by the democratic process – so as a citizen of this country, it is our duty to let him function and not to create roadblocks. Of course, we can criticize as much as we can but we also have to respect the place he sits – he is the prime minister of the world’s largest democracy, and to give him bad words is really not condemnable.

    Maybe because he is bringing changes and changes always bring challenges, maybe he had stopped something which used to be there in earlier government, maybe his policy will bring positive changes in future. They are end number of possibilities that the changes he has made or going to make can change our lives, but for that, we need to trust him and allow him to function.

    He is an experienced leader and he had shown his credentials as CM of Gujarat and he did bring a lot of positive changes in Gujarat. He himself has made it very clear on the floor that he likes constructive criticism. So hating whether it is India or Modi not going to change anything, but it will surely waste the resources of the hater. That is why it is better that instead of hating let’s criticize him with facts, logic, and figures, this way it will help us as a country.

    Remember no one can beat anyone by hating them, especially when it comes to Prime Minister Modi, we all have seen what happens when you hate him and give bad words – But you can surely hand them a sweet defeat if you work towards the people of this country i.e Smriti Irani defeats Rahul Gandhi in his bastion of Amethi by 55,000 votes
  2. No Strong Opposition Factor: This is another factor, where we really don’t have strong opposition who can keep the government in a check, instead of creating a ruckus on the floor. This is now well known that Congress is as good as it used to be in past and Congress have failed as an opposition – I will use the word SURRENDER If I have to describe them in one word. That being said everybody thinks that since the main opposition has failed they think it is their duty to question the government for their moves, unfortunately, democracy does not work that way – you can not have a media trial and the fact is that no government can please the whole country(especially when you have 1.3B People), that’s not their job, their job is to develop the country and keep this country safe and secure.

    Honestly speaking, it’s the job of the opposition party to raise the issue of people, like High Petrol Price on Floor and make the government work towards it rather than going to Farmers Protest and making farmer protest a political affair. But hating India is
  3. Overnight Popularity Factor: Very common and most used factor, once you criticize India or Culture Of India then you can become an overnight hero – we have seen many comedians trying to do that but the problem with such overnight popularity is that it comes with its own problem and baggage and which unfortunately no once notices that and see only one dimension of it. You might become popular overnight but in the longer-term, this can have an adverse effect starting from legal action, hurting sentiments of a particular religion. Many comedians, or Twitter users, or MNCs had to issue an apology due to their Ads or their tweets as it was hurting the sentiments of the community.

    Please note there is a difference between Freedom Of Expression and Talking without thinking about other’s sentiments, even High Court recently said that “Freedom of speech and expression is not an absolute right, says Bombay High Court” Hence it is not absolute and you cant speak and hurt other’s sentiments or country’s pride. You have to be careful and make sure you speak/express your views in the right manner and at right time.

Conclusion: It is absolutely to express views or thoughts but to hate India or in that matter any country is not going to bring any positive changes. In India, we have all rights including, Rights To Speak, Rights To Information, the Right to Express, Rights To Practice Religion. That being said Country should always come first – Nationalism is not a bad thing, putting your country first should always be the priority and no other things should take preference above the country.

Haters or Trollrs should always keep in mind that, no individual is above the country be it, Modi or Rahul Gandhi. And we all should aim for maintaining peace and harmony rather than spreading hate, spreading fake news, or false propaganda. People of this country should rather focus on maintaining their duties and Govt. should try to give the best governance to their countrymen. Always remember hate makes another person more powerful than the person himself. So before judging any government kindly do your own research and then pass the judgment. Don’t just go by social media trends, if you are on Twitter you will feel this country is in Danger and the Modi government is fascist and Anti-Muslim, If you are on Facebook you will feel that Congress is Anti Hindu and the Modi government is doing the best for this government. So better to do our own research and then criticize with facts.

It is very sad that people hate because they are told to do so, or they have any special agenda not because they really think so, also the same people don’t have any answers when someone counters them – why? because it’s hate and nothing else, no logic, no facts, no solution. Overall you should love your country and not hate. And you should criticize the administrators if you feel it’s affecting people’s life badly but don’t ever keep hate within you and if you do so then you don’t need an enemy as it is within.

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