What is Women Empowerment?

What is Women Empowerment?

Women Empowerment. 

One of the common words that we hear daily, and more often than not, we hear, especially when something wrong has happened.

And over time, I feel that we have lost the actual meaning of women empowerment. And recent two examples that I saw made me think that we are degrading the women more than helping.

Example 1.

I recently saw that we are forcing our girl to do the job forcefully, especially when she is a degree holder. Agreed that we should help her do a job, but doing against one’s will is inhuman for any gender. I even see people made sarcastic comments, “Why did you study? To become a housewife?.”

It’s like we have tagged that becoming a housewife does not fall under our definition of women empowerment. Who said the girl could not become a housewife if she is a degree holder. Meaning if a girl is doing a job or business, then only we will consider it as woman empowerment. 

To me, the actual so-called “Women Empowerment” is to let her decide what she wants to do and to support her. Freedom is the fundamental right that every human must-have. But instead, we have started forcing our girls to go outside and do a job.

So if she decides to choose not to do a job or business or wants to become a good housewife and it’s okay. This housewife model has produced the best doctors, best engineers, best teachers, the best scientist, best leaders, best writers, etc. So obviously, this is not the failed model. We must have seen that female stars like Aishwarya Bachchan rai have reduced work after becoming a mother. Next time, when you see an educated girl, and she is a housewife, Appreciate her, as a housewife is the most challenging job. 

Let her decide what is right for her and not forcing her to do anything just because she has an excellent educational background.

When we start giving her that freedom of making a decision, that would be actual women empowerment, I believe. 

Example 2:

Recently I saw an IVF Ad stating “Women Is Incomplete Without Motherhood” – Is this what we call a “Women Empowerment” ?? Is this how we are supposed to think? That woman who doesn’t’ have a kid is incomplete !! Common Guys lets face it !! And let me say this to any woman who is not a mother.  You are not incomplete – If anyone in your family or friends let you feel that you are incomplete without a kid, then ask them if having a kid is a sign of completeness or happiness then why the hell we have so many Old-age homes? Why so many waiting there?


Real Women Empowerment is to accept the women as it is, and supporting her in what she wants to do and not merely tagging her and making her feel that if she is not the mother or doesn’t do the job, then she is not good enough.

In the name of women empowerment, we have started going a certain way, But we all have to remember the basic rule Happiness index is more important than the financial index. As we have become a capitalism based society where if someone benefits financially then only it is useful to us else not. And this surely not empowerment for any gender.

Be sensitive and Lets power the women in a way she deserve!!

Dhaval Thakkar

Dhaval Thakkar

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