How to get wax out of candle jar

How to get wax out of candle jar

How to Get Wax Out Of Candle Jar

“A candle’s scented aroma can lighten up your mood and can be a stress buster after a tiring day”

A candle incubated in a fragile glass jar is an eye-catchy décor item. There’s nothing delightful than burning a scented candle in your room at the sleeping time. But, what about reusing the jar after the candle is all lightened up and utilized and only remains the remnant. It is possible to clean out candle jars. Yes, you heard that right! Wondering how? Read on.

You can transform the wax-clad container into another DIY project such as a beautiful vase. Also, you will be amazed to know that you won’t require any special equipment and too much time to get it refurbished. Just simple hacks can make it work and you can avoid wasting those precious jars.

1. Freeze the Candle Jar

Freezing the wax solidifies it and it starts shrinking. Put the jar in the freezer for several hours until it freezes preferably overnight (as the refrigerator is opening lesser at night). The next morning, place the container upside down out of the freezer.

Once shrunk, you can easily remove it with the help of a sharpened knife. You can also use the ancient trick to insert ice cubes into the jar to get the wax out. If the jar has a narrow mouth, use a rugged stick to get the wax removed. After removing the residue, you can clean the container with soap and water liquid.

2. Piping Hot Water Method

After the wax is removed with a knife or spoon, fill boiling water into the container leaving some space at the top. The boiling water will release the leftover wax and float at the top surface of the container so that it is easy to remove it. Once cooled entirely, remove the wax. Strain the wax now. You should also take care that the wax doesn’t get into the drain. This method will cause the removal of the jar label due to excess heat. The entire method is suitable for hot wax. For soft wax, lukewarm water is sufficient. Also, this is preferred for large-sized candles.

3. Make a Good Use of Oven

After digging out all the wax with a butter knife or spoon, heat the oven at 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit and line the baking pan with a foil. Put the candles in an upside-down position on the pan and put the oven on. Set a timer of a minimum of 15 minutes. Once the timer is off, take the pan out of the oven and place it on a non-heated surface. Remove the jars using an oven mitt. Let the container cool down and clean with soap and water.

The removed wax can be kept to be used in the future or you can also discard it. This method is suitable for multiple candle jars to be cleansed simultaneously.

4. The Double Boiler Process

After removing the wax with a butter knife or a spoon, settle the candle jar inside a pot or bowl on a heat-safe surface. Surge boiling water into the pot in the sideways of the candle. You should be extra careful that the water does not come into the candle jar else it may soil the candle wax. Keep this process going until the wax has softened completely. You can check it by touching a spoon. Unstick the wax with an edged knife. Remove the container. Take the wax out completely. Wash the jar with a bar of mild soap and water at the end.

5. Turn On Your Hair Dryer

You would be surprised to know another use of your hairdryer. They are popularly used to remove candle wax from the glass jar. Hold your candle, turn your hairdryer on. Once heated, heat the candle’s wax from all the sides. Once the wax turns out softer, scrape it out of the container with a razor-sharp knife. After taking off all the inside wax, sponge the glass jar with using a liquid soap or even a dish wash and water.

This method is modern and it works perfectly. Works on electricity, it completely eliminates the need to burn that gas stove. It is more suitable for tiny sized candles.

Some Additional Tips to Remove Candle a Jar Of Glass

Ø If the candle jar is handy in size, rub it around inside with your hand, rinse it with warm water. Wipe it down with a spongy cloth such as a napkin, and you are done!

Ø Use soap and water for clear plain glass, but if you have a heavy metallic holder, use a damp paper towel to clean the candle jar as the soap can be a terrible choice for the same purpose. It may impair it.

Ø 5% Acetic acid or vinegar is the best option when it comes to cleaning the jar from inside. Dip a cotton ball in vinegar and clean the jar from all the sides and you will get a sparklingly clean reusable glass container.

Ø For emptying the candle jars and removing the wick, fill the candle holder with hot water and let it sit. This will cause loosening up of the wick and you can easily pull it off with the help of your fingers, or you can also use a butter knife to scrape it out.

How Can You Reuse The Jar After The Candle Is Removed?

After the candle is burned completely and used totally, you can upcycle and reuse the container by applying some smart and useful hacks. Here are some of the innovative ways in which you can use it:

Ø Use it as a Planter

Put some soil at the bottom of your reusable jar. Take the plant of choice and gently squeeze the planter to break up the roots. Place your succulent and let it sits properly in the planter.

Ø Home Decor

After successfully making one planter, multiply it in numbers and experiment with multiple jars, and scatter them throughout your home. The green effect it will give to your abode will be a treat to watch.

Ø Turn it Out in a Stand

You can use tiny beads and stickers to embellish the jar and use it to place some vertical items such as pens, pencils, and thin chopsticks into it making them available at hand.

Wrapping up,

We hope, the methods detailed in this article will help you take the candle out of your jar with ease and you can make use of it by applying some creativity in your DIY projects.

So, what’s your next DIY item?

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