Online studies

Online studies

If you look back and try to see how fast the world is changing, you will realize that the last decade has changed everything. The old approaches are nowhere to see, especially when it comes to things like the education system and learning. The technology has a significant role in it, and the changes are still going on, and there is no full stop in the near vicinity.

There are many things we are dependent on the internet, but there is one thing the internet has changed entirely: the education system. Due to the internet, now education is available globally to everyone interested in learning. The recent development around the world, like innovation in technology and pandemics like Covid-19, has pushed people to be more dependent on the internet. However, the question about the health issues related to the use of the excessive internet and other side effects of increased screen time is in the limelight.

Why online studies is the need of time?

The last decade has seen many historical changes, and one of them is the easy availability of the internet, which helps create a global platform. The internet helps us to connect globally with each other, and now distance doesn’t hold much value. The Education system also has been affected by the web as now education is available to most people no matter where they live and what they do. The internet facilitates easy access to many sources of knowledge like study material, online courses, online classes, and the availability of quality education at the doorstep.

Online learning is the need of the hour, and here is the answer to why.

  • Online education resolves the most significant issue, which is the availability of schools and teachers everywhere. With online learning, everyone has the opportunity to learn what they want and how they want. Online education makes learning easy and creative, and people can use different learning methods to understand one concept with the help of educational videos.
  • It also contributes to saving the environment as all information is available digitally, and anyone can access them, which ultimately results in the reduction in tree cutting for paper.
  • The current pandemic has uncovered some of the ugly issues that we were not ready to look at yet, and one of them is the harmful effects of online education. We are forced to reconsider the things that might go wrong with the increasing use of the internet, especially when it comes to education because now kids of early age are included in it as well.

Due to the pandemic Covid-19, many schools, colleges, and universities offering online classes and an unlimited amount of educational data are accessible with just one click. Education was never this easy to access, and because of this, so many people around the world have access to quality education. However, everything has two sides, and just like that, online training possesses good and bad things.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of online education.


– Now education is for all: The availability of online education ensures that anyone can learn no matter where they live, what they do, and why they are learning. It especially helps those who cannot afford regular classes because of different reasons.

– Free accessibility: Most online programs are free to access, and you can access them free of cost or subscribe for a relatively low cost. The open accessibility of education helps poor and needy as now they can also have access to global level education.

Global approach: The boundaries do not restrict online education we have created or the schools as people around the globe can access a similar program right from their desks. It also brings different education systems together, and people can find the one that suits them the best.
Saves time, money and energy

The traditional education system includes books, a notebook, and lots of stationery items from which we need to cut the tree and harms the natural environment directly or indirectly. Online education reduces that cost by offering digital notes, books, and lectures.

The worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025.


Hard to bring discipline: You cannot bring discipline in the student who is miles away, and discipline is something we all learn in schools and has been a vital partner education system.

No bonding between teacher and student: Indian culture has great respect and regard for student and teacher relationships. It holds high importance because, after parents, teachers are the ones who taught them life lessons and brought the light in the lives of students by guiding them on the right path. In online education, the bond between student and teacher is missing entirely.

– May lack the learning of soft skills: Soft skills make human interaction meaningful and lively and play an essential role in creating a happy, healthy society. Soft skills include public behavior, speaking in groups, self-motivation, leadership, and everything that you cannot learn in an online class. Children and students learn these skills when interacting with other students and teachers and spend time learning in groups.

Side effects on health: Apart from other issues, the one that takes the limelight is the side effect on health. Online education brings a sedentary lifestyle in students, which negatively impacts their health as they are attached to screen more often compared to school colleges where they have dedicated hours to such an activity.

Things to take care of kids while doing online studies

Here are the things you need to take care of your kids while doing online studies:
1) Monitor their usage of the internet and do not let access the internet in the name of online study.

2) Make sure they have the right environment to study and concentrate so that they can gain something.

3) Ensure physical activity in day to day life to avoid lethargy during online class or lecture.

4) Make them take notes, so they understand better.

5) Make sure thy use the internet for online study only

6) If there is an option, please set up a separate user for your kid, Most latest android users allow that.

7) Don’t interfere, let the only teacher educate them while they are studying.

8) Keep all your notification turn off during online study.

9) Make sure your kid understands about Mute and Unmute mode.

10) Keep the device clean if your kid is using it for online study. So no privacy issue.

11) Make sure your kid doesn’t get addicted to mobile

Conclusion :
Online education is like a blessing, especially for people who are unable to afford regular classes and those who want to learn. The situations in which we live today due to pandemic Covid-19 also encourage online education as they help maintain social distance without compromising on the learning. However, no one can deny the harmful effects of excessive use of the internet, and that’s why with increasing usage, we also need to understand the side effects and limitations.

We need to make sure that our youth, especially when it comes to kids, need to understand the requirement of the internet and its side effects as they are long term.
It’s our responsibility as parents, guardians, and elders to make sure that we set the right example and use the blessing like online education in the right way.

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