Humanity and Racism

Humanity and Racism

The world is already facing issues like pandemic Covid-19, which has turned into a monster with no cure in sight, and battling it is the only option. However, we humans have proved many times that we can take on anything, but only if we are united. Our power to think and find the right solutions and our ability to act upon it makes us the most beautiful creature on this earth. Although this time, humans and their intelligence are facing a crisis as they indulge in some heinous crimes that shocked the society as a whole no matter what.
In the last few months, the world has seen some of the most shameful acts on humanity. We can say that this new decade has started with many challenges, and one of them is equality among the humans who reside on this planet. We all are equal, but some of us forget this necessary information and try to prove themselves superior based on their skin color, family, religion, caste, etc., and that’s where the racism comes into the picture.

What is racism?

Racism is the belief among humans that some human race is superior or inferior to other humans based on their intelligence, job, cast, skin color, or by their morals and ethics. Racism believes that superiority is predetermined based on the characteristics present in them from birth.

Racism in humans is as old as the humans itself, and some of the beliefs are century-old, and people still divide based on them. Racism makes the societies live apart and sow the seed of separation and nurture the thought that the people should not mingle and live as one race. It can also be defined as the hatred for other casts, ethics, and morals, and the hunger to be superior or to prove that one is less than the others.

Racism brings slavery, war, the formation of new nations, legal codes, and separation between humans and human history bear all the ugly marks racism has left. Among all the discrimination based on skin color is the most shameful one where white skin color takes priority than darker skin color. Things that happen around the globe in the name of racism

Various incidents happen around the world in the name of racism and enslavement; poor treatment of black people, especially Africans, tops the chart. Typically in modern society, racism means depriving black people or people of the lower caste of their rights, and this leads to the massive imbalance in the community and creates a void between people.

Recently, two incidents happen in two different countries, but both raise the questions of humanity and where we are leading when it comes to equality and conscious thoughts and actions. The first incident happens in the United States and others in the country, which is known for its rich culture and a deep sense of equality even for animals.

Latest incidents that shock and shake the world

These two incidents that happen in the past month raise questions about humanity and why people still have such narrow thinking and why racism is still having a stronghold of people’s mindset. Here is what happens in both cases.

George Floyd death

The world was shocked and in a state of grief when a 46-year-old black man named George Floyd died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and that too with the hand of a white police officer. He was accused of using a counterfeit currency, which is not big enough of a crime to die for the only thing people around the world wanted to know why? Why people still suffer because of their skin color?
The incident brings a lot of criticism for all the police officers who were included in the episode, along with legal actions and a whole lot of protest in the United States.
This incident brings light back to racism and how people still have to face inhumane behavior and actions just because their skin is in a darker shade. It shows how deeply these thoughts affect us and how people with darker skin color have to face challenges in living a life that they have full right on.

Murder of a pregnant elephant by locals in Kerala

The second incident happens in a culturally rich country that respects every living creature, and yes, we are talking about India. People once again shows how cruel they can be and how an animal suffer when humans forget humanity.

The incident happens in Kerala, where a wild pregnant elephant ventured into a village in search of food, and someone gives her pineapple loaded with firecrackers. The pineapple burst in her mount rendered her in a lot of misery and pain, and make eating during a painful process, which results in her death.

The cruelty of humans sees no limit, and it shows how heartless we can be. Education means nothing if you cannot respect living creatures who exist on this earth and have equal rights to live here.

Where does humanity stand in all?

We already exploited earth enough, and because of it, many species no longer exist, and many of them are on the brink of extinction. We all are living in a modern era where the right to freedom is accessible to all humans no matter who, but still ugly racism grip the society in its clutches. There are various incidents that prove humanity still exist, but we need to see more example of it.
We humans need to understand that racism is the ugly monster that deprived us of living in a happy, healthy society. We have no respect for our race and people, who are just like us, and all of this creates such an ugly and dark picture that the world seems the worst place to live. However, it is not the end of it, and some people are making efforts to create a better world. It is us who need to make the change, and it starts from you.

Shalu Tyagi

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  1. Excellent post and perfectly written. Many people want to stand against racism but aren’t sure how. Just say something. It could be as simple as saying “Why don’t you just leave him/her alone?”

  2. Thought provoking article. Enough is enough. It is time to act and educate people to come out from the prejudiced mindset to fight back the evil of racism.

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