Who Will Win The US Election – Trump or Biden?

Who Will Win The US Election – Trump or Biden?

Who will win the US election?

With the final dates knocking closer, it’s getting progressively exciting as to who will win the battle of the elections. Has Donald Trump made the game again or it’s Joe Biden who will take over the US presidential crown?
The final date is set for 3rd November. It will be the decisive day for voters in America and decide who will remain in the White House as a leader for the next four years.

While Trump being the current president of the country, he is challenged by the Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden, who was and is known as Barack Obama’s vice-president and has been in US politics since the 1970s.
The US is a democratic nation; the independent votes of the voters will decide which candidate among them they prefer to take the responsibility of the nation. Day by day, it’s getting enchanting and nerve-wrenching as it will determine the future of the country.

Statistics of the polls
Coming closer to the US presidential election date, the former Obama era vice-president Joe Biden is polling ahead of Trump. But the figures show that Trump too is on in some of the leading states of the US.

In the previous elections of 2016, where Trump has beaten Hillary Clinton, he had a minor lead in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Polls also display Joe Biden leading by more than five percentage points. The state of Florida shows a closer crucial state.
Some more states that show closer races are North Carolina and Georgia, where Trump was elected in nine out of 10 presidential elections. The states of Ohio and Iowa also show significant signs where Trump beat Clinton in 2016 and Barack Obama won in 2012.
Other states such as Arizona are showing a toss-up and has won in the past 70 years. The state of Texas offers below five percentage points in Trump’s polling advantage.

Biden is favoured to win the US Elections

After the final presidential debate between the two, the question of winning has now become increasingly striking. Current president Trump is seemed to be left behind and trying excessively hard to be in the race. On the other hand, Joe Biden has received a massive lead in national and state polls. While there is a seemingly defined gap in the voting, a minor polling error could let Trump come closer to the gap.

Electoral Voting
Democrat Joe Biden is found ahead of the current Republican president Trump by 9.0 percentage points nationally.

The United States has the elective practice where prospective candidates win the White House through the Electoral College and not through popular votes.

In 2016, Trump lost his popular vote to Hillary Clinton but got the lead in the states in the electoral votes needed to emerge as the US president.

The counting right now predicts that Joe Biden is likely to beat Donald Trump in the electoral college.

Presidential Debate
Presidential debates are the political combat that turns out to be the elections
. Both the candidates giving tough competition to each and putting every bit of effort to win the election, Trump and Biden clashed in the first presidential debate held in September.

The main points of the debate where the two bashed each other in a feat of rage and high temper were the economy and race.
The monitor Chris Wallace rebuked Mr Trump several times for the way he spoke over his opponent. There also came a moment when the ex-ever-president, Mr Biden, said: “Will you shut up, man?” for Trump’s undesirable interruptions.

Both Mr Trump’s and Mr Biden’s running mates – Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris – clashed in their vice presidential debate on Wednesday, 7 October, with the Trump’s Administration’s for Covid-19.
Town Halls Clash
After the first heated argument turned debate, the second presidential debate was called off. The two candidates appeared in different town halls broadcasted at the same time.
Donald Trump was all over the headlines after he refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy theory. The QAnon theory claims the US government is controlled by a deep state cabal of anti-Trump Satanist paedophiles falsely. He went on saying, “So, I know nothing about QAnon. I know very little. What I do hear about it, they are very strongly against paedophilia. I do agree with that.”
Trump was interrogated for his decision to tweet a false conspiracy theory from a QAnon-linked Twitter account, stating that the Navy Seals killed a body double of Osama bin Laden, and the Obama administration had covered it up. He further said he was just “stamping out ” and “people can decide on themselves.”
He denied that he was told in the Oval Office that the coronavirus would be the most prominent national security threat over his presidency by his national security adviser in January.
Joe Biden said in Philadelphia, pointing out on Mr Trump that “We’re facing a reckless situation where there are 210,000 plus dead and what’s he doing? Nothing. He’s still not wearing a mask.”

Trump’s Approval Ratings
The poll tracker says that Donald Trump’s presidential approval ratings are steady. The tracker taking an average of the last eight polls puts Mr Trump’s approval rating around 44%. Fifty-four percent still disapprove of the way the job he is doing.
The “rally around the flag” effect with Americans has recovered the ratings slightly after backing the Government for handling the coronavirus crisis.
Donald Trump’s election and candidature are full of controversies and apart from that people seem to have changed their minds about America’s 45th president.
After three of serving as a president, he is deemed to be lesser popular than previous presidents at this stage of presidency. The overall approval remains above 40%.

Just as the globe all over, we too are very much enthralled and eagerly waiting for the final date and come to know who will lead the US in the upcoming elections.
The countdown is now on!

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