Why you are not successful?

Why you are not successful?

Why you are not successful?

Sounds familiar? 

Have heard it before?

I know the answer is Yes. But rather than having the focus on the question, let’s talk about the answer. Why are we not successful?

1) There is no fix definition of success. 

Success is different from person to person. For a low man arrangement of the today’s meal would be a success, for a kid, to walk freely without help is a success, for a college student may be a graduation day is a success. So the definition of success may vary from person to person. Most people think that having a lot of money, like Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos, Mukesh Ambani is a success. 

But not everyone can become Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mukesh Ambani hence it is essential for us the identify the right goal and then work towards it. Most importantly is to believe that failure is also part of the process which we are following to become successful. 

2) Putting results first.

This is the mistake that people do, So for example if you ask business school student what your goal is? He/She would say to become a millionaire or a corporate job with a six-digit salary. Now that is called “Putting a result first.”, which may lead to nowhere because if you are not achieving that goal soon, then you may become impatience, or try a different way, which may not be ethical. And then there will be a phase where you don’t know what you are doing or lost somewhere. And from there you will have no choice to go back or start afresh.  

Remember result is the by-product of the effort you put or process you follow. Indian bowlers are a classic example of this approach, remember 2003 Worldcup final. Such a thing happens when you put results first. And then changing their direction to focus on process rather than results, which means follow the basics, training, remain fit, and that resulted in becoming no 1 test team, winning 2011 world cup. There are many examples you will find where just following. Basics and process have resulted in significant success. 

3) Define the goal which is practical for you.

An Indian Cricketer once was frustrated as he was not getting hundreds because he used to bat down the order, but then coach and Player sat and decided to focus on process and adjusted their goal, like instead of getting hundred why don’t he makes 30 runs and make sure team wins. And that new goal resulted in tremendous success for him and gave him the satisfaction he wanted. If he would have set the goal of hitting 50 hitting century then in the practical sense it is not possible to hit so many centuries especially whey you bat at lower down the order.

Please stick to your strength because it will always give you satisfactory results, and altering a goal sometimes might be the key to success.

So after a while, if you think you are now where you must be to reach the goal then try to change the way or alter the goal bit to make sure you are in the right direction. 

4) I want to win at any cost:

If you have an approach that I want to win at any cost, then it might give you the result you wanted. But if you have not taken care of the right process and doing what is right then sooner or later, you have to face the consequences for sure. And there is no doubt about it things that go round will come round. If not today then after five years, ten years, 15 years things will come to you. We all have seen that in #MeToo movement or corporate or financial scam. 

Make sure you have put correct cost tag for each of your goals. 

5)Enjoy the journey and stick to your goal.

Results become irrelevant when you enjoy the journey. No matter what would be the outcome if you have enjoyed the journey, it always gives a sense of satisfaction. As someone rightly said, enjoy the journey, not the destination.

There is no point of getting success if you have not enjoyed the journey. Because the journey is what makes you happy. Bhagavad Gita teaches you exactly that. Do not worry about the result you keep doing the best you can.

There is no proven technique to get success; all you have to do is to keep trying and enjoy every part of it. One of the best Hollywood movie”Sea Shank Redemption”. If you see the movie, you will understand the importance of patience, following the right process, making a proper plan and executing it.

Final Word:

Do not worry about the destination; it will come eventually. And do what is there in your control. And keep trying and think success as a by-product and not the ultimate goal. Success does not define who we are and what we do. But our efforts do define who we are and what we do. Your result doesn’t decide if you’re a loser or not … your attempt decides that.

Next time when you think “Why you are not successful?” you better think Again. Who knows success is at your feet and does not seem to realize it.I hope now you understand the question “Why you are not successful?”

Dhaval Thakkar

Dhaval Thakkar

Blogger by Nature and Loves to write and Believe that Anybody Can Write. I am also RedHat Linux Certified and AWS Certified.

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  1. Speaking of complaining, stop wasting your time asking why other people are successful and you’re not. In most cases it wasn’t because they have inherited wealth or won the lottery. Every person in this world has either gone through – is going through now – or will get their chance for struggles. Everyone get to take their turn at hardship. Maybe it’s your turn. Instead of complaining, make a positive change that will help you pull out of your slump and find success.

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