Today, the world is all about connections. From exploring career opportunities to looking for more entertainment prospects, communication skills are the key from your professional encounters to dating aspects. Including all the people around the world who can converse in the English language, we have 1.27 Billion(!) people who can communicate in English, the most popular of the languages out of over 7000 languages around the globe. With over 50 countries having English as their official language, it is also the most used language on social media platforms. Even if you are inside your bubble living a secure life, you should be aware that the British communalized and expanded their language to all the parts of the Earth, so no matter what, you cannot escape the urgent existence English has. So even if you are not planning to go anywhere out of your native circle, you will encounter the importance of English in your life, which makes it extremely necessary for you to strongly communicate in English to have more ventures at your doorstep. You can even explore the best screenwriting software of today’s time and know more about them with just one click.

Since you are already here and got through the first paragraph, you already know the importance of English, know how to communicate in English, and need to know the tools either for creating better content or for someone you know to get past the barriers of communication they face in their everyday life. So, I have sorted out the best five platforms available for free or minimal cost so that you can improve your written English-


It is a quite powerful tool that offers you a second set of eyes to review your work. It makes your work free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, making it best suitable for beginners. It does not steal your work, suggests better word choices, performs genre-specific writing style checks, detects plagiarism, and even provides you with the analysis of your message’s tone. If done with a paid upgrade, it offers over 400 types of features to check for your written work mistakes. For people who do not have English as their first language, Grammarly is the best no-cost service out there.


A content creation tool that has gained popularity in recent years is Airstory, as it offers to write great content faster by putting each room in one spot. It has a flexible writing service that combines notes and is available for free. It also allows you to use tags to sort notes into different categories, a very important tool for content creation. When you are short for words, it offers many already-written templates that can be imported into a project, edited, adapted, and exported suitable to your needs. Designed to work perfectly in unison with other leading apps and software, it is best suited for beginners and professionals.


When it comes to writing something, the first thing anyone needs to do is write down and organize your ideas. And during the process, one of the major problems faced by any content creator is that during the process, they forget their ideas and are left with a void where a wonderful idea came and went away. provides you the service so that your ideas are not forgotten, you can organize and improve your ideas and at the same time create the opportunity to share them with your friends. During the process, you can improve your ideas. It provides brainstorming and idea rain tools with high integration and performance, a necessity for every content creator.


Many of us are good vocally but fail when it comes to writing down our incredible ideas. Dragon Dictation writes down what you’re saying as you speak it into your phone and provides the opportunity to content creators to save their ideas before they are lost. This important app has not only removed the pressure from the students to put words on the page, but it has also allowed them to concentrate solely on the ideas and not waste extra time on typing down their ideas. Coming in various versions, this naturally speaking software with immensely accurate voice recognition does come for free. Still, all the best features start from the basic version, which costs a bare minimum.


Remember, when we started writing in any language, we faced numerous problems in contemplating our thoughts, how we struggled for the right words, for the right sentence? For anyone who struggles with all those crazy sentence structures and formats, Popplet helps you figure out how the verse should be structured. Perfect for its visual organization, this mind mapping tool provides a simple yet creative way to organize and display ideas, concepts, and facts. The features of popplet include logically organized and presented data, popplets to connect the information rightly, allow your mind map viewers to explore ideas and concepts further.

These tools are just some of the best tools that you can find on the Internet. Their free version is as useful as any other paid version of any tool/app. These tools are useful for all kinds of content, which will help improve your written English and help you take your writing skills to the next level. After becoming habitual to the functionality of these tools, you will not only be saving your time, and you will be becoming a learned writer as well. So what are you waiting for? Try them out for yourself today!

Rebecca Rogers

Rebecca Rogers